Mold Remediation

Is Mold Lurking in the Dark Corners of Your Home?

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It's your worst nightmare - you reach into the back corner of your closet or crawl down into the basement and find mold. If you need a mold remediation company in Utica, New Hartford or Clinton, NY, turn to Empire Environmental Technologies, LLC.

We're certified in mold remediation and use cutting-edge technology and practices to solve any mold problem. To learn more about our mold cleanup process, get in touch with us today.

Top signs you may have mold

Top signs you may have mold

Mold often hides in the dark crevices of your home, so it can be hard to detect. However, there are some signs to look out for. Consider calling a mold cleanup company if you:


  • Notice an odd, musty odor
  • Experience flooding or water damage
  • Find discoloration on your wall or ceiling




Not sure if what you're seeing is mold? Schedule an appointment with our mold remediation team, and let us take a look.