Radon Mitigation

We strive to provide you with affordable mitigation systems in compliance with industry and national standards. We warranty our jobs to meet the national working level of 3.9pcl/I, with the majority measuring well below that threshold. Through continued education of the best practices and products, as well as our meticulous attention to detail, know we can give you a stress free experience.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a threat that can yield devastating effects on your home and health.  If left unchecked, it can spread through the entirety of the house and cost a fortune to completely get rid of. We are proud to offer the most cutting edge practices and technologies to remediate and clean up all mold issues you may be facing. With our certified, experienced staff rest assured you can live without the danger of mold.

Air Purification Systems

A breathe of fresh air takes on new meaning at Empire Environmental Technologies. We offer a wide range of air quality products that can guard your home from germs, mold, and dangerous bacteria. Our expertise, alongside the industry leading products we offer, allows you to breathe easy knowing you have done everything you can to ensure the cleanest air quality for your family. 

Water Treatment

Another way radon finds its way into the home is through the water supply. Water contaminated by radon can cause lung cancer as well. Here at E.E.T we offer a fairly simple system that can greatly reduce your risk of exposure. This system typically takes a day to install and is very affordable.

Sump Pump Installation

Your sump pit is a major contributor to radon entering your home. Whether you simply need an air tight seal to limit gas exposure, a new sump pump installation, or anything in between, here at E.E.T we offer the services to create a safe, dry environment.

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